Free Bible Study by Tom Wright

FREE: Thy Kingdom Come have made available a £150 Bible study course that you can do online or in your mobile/tablet for free. Don’t delay though as the cut off time is fast approaching – this Friday at 17:00 – don’t miss out. Click Here to go to get it for free.

Here are more details – the link is at the bottom.

We are making the Small Group Edition available for individuals and for congregations. Individuals will be greatly encouraged through the course, but there are also questions that would allow people to dialogue with one another about what they are learning. During these days, this kind of learning can be done virtually via emails with one another or through video chats. Perhaps you and others would gather together in a video chat format to connect and learn together.

You may enroll in this course for no chargefrom Tuesday, 24 March, 17:00 until Friday, 27 March 17:00. The window to enroll in this course is 72 hours. We cannot extend the time so please make sure you enroll while you are still able to. We are so grateful that this gift has been given for free (normally charged at £149.99!) by Prof. N.T. Wright and N.T. Wright Online. The link for enrolling is : Simply Jesus – TKC gift

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